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Back to Work

Back at work this week after the week off last week. After the really good (albeit really busy) week off it was depressing on Sunday night contemplating having to go back in the morning.

There is a silver lining though: tomorrow is the Ekka public holiday for most of Brisbane, something i wish i thought of when planning my leave because i probably would have taken Monday and Tuesday off as well to link into it!

The weekend wasn't too bad: I played our indoor game on Sunday night and our team has actually been promoted up two divisions (from 7 last season to 5 this season), which is one more than I expected or hoped for. Thus I was expecting a bit of quality from our opposition, but surprisingly we comfortably dominated and subsequently won the game 9-2.

I also played the game in a new set of boots, which I had spent months searching for: all i wanted is something that would take my orthotics and fit me. After the game I wasn't 100% satisfied with them: they are a little loose around the heal and my feet were pretty painful after the end of the game. I think that the boot might be too narrow for my foot.

As my luck goes, apparently all the big stores have finally gotten their new season stock in so I might go have a look at some other options on Wednesday.

In geeky news, it seems that Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Windows Vista, and SP3 for Windows XP might be on the near horizon.

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