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Another Game & Shopping Frustrations

The day after i got Mario Strikers Charged Football for the Wii, Command & Conquer 3 that I ordered a bit ago also arrived.

I've barely had time to play either in the past week, but I did manage to get past the first stage of C&C3, and also play a few games of Mario Strikers. Both seem to be really good games, so i can't wait to actually get some time to play them properly.

One of the reasons that I haven't played them much is that that the last two nights have been spent shopping. The main thing i was wanting to buy was a new pair of indoor football shoes, as my current ones are starting to fall apart a bit.

Thursday night we scoured all that Carindale had to offer, and not one store had a pair in my size that i could even try on. Last night we went everywhere in the city, but still turned up blank.

One of the main problems that I have with finding new shoes is that I have orthotics (specially sculpted sole-inserts) that I need because I am extremely flat footed, and I was damaging my knees without them. It means that the shoe has to have removable inner-soles, and they have be deep enough to accommodate the orthotics as well as my foot.

I've had a few pairs of the same Lotto indoor boots over the years, but it seems that either they've retired the model of shoes i've usually gotten or that the stores have stopped stocking them (at least in my size). I might wait another few weeks until the end of the season and try my luck at some of the other big shopping centres like Garden City or Chermside. *sigh*

The other thing that I was forced to buy last night is another pair of sunglasses. Stupid me carelessly scratched the pair that I had imported over from the States in October, and after some shenanigans i decided that it was time to let the blue flames go.

I ended up getting a pair of polarized Oakleys, and spent waaay more than I had wanted or expected to. I didn't really want the polarized sunglasses (and the extra price that comes with them), but ended up with them mainly because I couldn't find anything else that was both good in the glare-blocking side of things as well as the comfort/look. I've never had a pair of polarized sunnies before, so it should be interesting to see the difference.

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  1. hey man i didn't get a chance to get online yesterday but here is my friend code for mario strikers. 257800 799544
    you find the code in the friendly roster where you are given the option to add a friend


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