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Taking a Wii Online: Mario Strikers Charged

Mario Strikers Charged FootballOnce again, apologies for another lame Wii-related title; 6 months on and i still can't help myself ;).

Today I bought Mario Strikers Charged Football for the Wii for a very cheap (by Australian standards) $69 from JB-HiFi. Other than it being a pretty cool and fun football game for the Wii, it also has the distinction of being the very first online game on the console.

After playing the tutorials and a few of the 'campaign' games, i tried my mettle against some random guy online, and as expected, got totally pwned. There was a little lag, but overall, things look a bit promising for the 'online' part of the console, even though it is very late coming.

Mario Strikers is a pretty good game, and it's evident in that even my wonderful wife, after only playing it for about 5 minutes was almost matching me in some games. It's so fantastic playing against her, and so demasculating when she beats me (I still haven't played Wii Boxing against her since she wiped the floor with me 3 times in a row a few months back :()

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