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This Weekend: Sports and Virtual Console

Did you notice? I actually refused an opportunity to put 'Wii' into the title! Quite proud of myself really...

As you've probably guessed from the last entry, i've spent a fair part of the weekend playing the thing. My arms and even my legs are quite sore from swinging the remotes and moving around on my feet.

However there's only so much Wii Sports and Wii Play that you can take before you start hungering for a more proper standalone game. I'll probably wait till after Christmas to get one though, in order see how many gift vouchers I may get to offset the cost.

One thing I am impressed with is the Wii's online connectivity. It has built in wireless, and imputing my router's long randomly generated wireless key wasn't pleasant.

One thing great about the Wii being on the internet is the Virtual Console, which allows you to download (for a fee) old games from older Nintendo as well as Sega consoles.

Games from the later I find quite amazing. We bought and downloaded the original Sonic the Hedgehog game, and now we can play it on the Wii. If you went back in time 10 years and told a console gamer back then that in 10 years they would be playing Sonic on a Nintendo console they probably would have slapped you. I myself would have said 'awesome!' (see this blog entry from a long time ago for background on that statement).

Back to work tomorrow for the final week before the Christmas break.

2 thoughts on “This Weekend: Sports and Virtual Console”

  1. OMG SONIC!!!! That game was great! We still have a Super Nintendo at mum's with such classics as Mario Kart (the original) and Donkey Kong (also the original)... nothin' beats old-skool.

  2. Damn straight! They also have Donkey Kong Country (just the first one atm). The only games I think I will definitely get are all the Sonic's and all the Donkey Kong Country Series (when they all come out that is).


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