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Another addiction

Well, i've come into another phase of addiction, but this time its worse because i've actually spent money on it! My new addiction, or rather renewed addiction, is emulated games. I've now gotten myself hooked on the old Sonic the Hedgehog games (see pictures below). I'm using a Sega emulator called Gens.

So after i started playing Sonic (1,2, and 3), i came to the conclusion that playing the games on the keyboard was not good enough. So I went out and bought myself a joypad (just like a console controller, but for the computer). I bought the MS Sidewinder USB game pad. I eventually got over the initial guilt of buying another Microsoft product (which was the best joypad i could find, for a good price) once i started playing the games.

Sonic Emulator pic 1

Sonic Emulator pic 2

Sonic Emulator pic 3

Playing these games also reminded me of the arguments i used to have as a youngster with my peers over which is better: Nintendo or Sega (when it was a major video game-market player). Personally i was a little on both sides: I liked the Nintendo consoles better, but in terms of each sides mascots (Mario for Nintendo, Sonic for Sega), i loved Sonic. C'mon, a cool blue spikey Hedgehog with attitude up against a plumber with suspenders and a bad italian accent? The choice between the two for me was obvious. So i was torn, i ended up buying the Nintendo consoles (SNES and N64), but played Sonic over friends places, and on holidays hiring the occasional megadrive from the video store.

Today is also my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!

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