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Bug Squashing & Battling Win

I've spent a significant portion of the weekend on my computer attempting to fix a few bugs pertaining to this blog. First on my list was trying to fix the comment bug mentioned previously. I'm pretty sure i've squashed it, but I must still fix the other fields in the comment form. Again, please let me know if anything is screwy with making comments.

Last night we went to Church as usual, welcoming back Gabby after she returned from overseas by going to Hungry Jacks (Burger King outside of Australia). We had an interesting conversation on the naming of Hungry Jacks in Australia: Paraphrased quote: Why is it named Hungry Jacks? Who is Jack and why is he hungry? If he is so hungry, why is he selling burgers?! The previous link answers a few of those questions.

After that some of us went and saw X-Men 3. Although i've seen it previously, Despina and her sister really wanted to see it. Seeing it again reinforced my irritation at the lack of resolution from the ending. Even more irritating is that they haven't made any solid plans for more sequels, although there are some sparse reports of Fox confirming there will be an X-Men 4 despite none of the actors having signed anything as yet. What looks more definite are possible Wolverine and Magneto spin-off prequels.

Today at indoor football, we played pretty well to fight out a hard-earned battling win. We won the game 4-3 against some pretty good opposition, defending well and threatening in attack. I didn't score any, but really should have, as i missed more than a few good chances. I absolutely ran my guts out in the game though, afterwards feeling quite drained and exhausted, even somewhat ill for a little while.

It's good to finally get a win after so many losses, but i guess we've finally broken our consistency (in losing that is).

4 thoughts on “Bug Squashing & Battling Win”

  1. I thought it was only Hungry Jacks in Queensland? All the others interstate I have seen were Burger Kings... although I have only been to NSW and ACT.
    Just a thought.

  2. I think Jack must have been hungry for money according to the wikipedia entry.

    It also mentions about Hungry Jacks stores having a Perth identity because of where it started out. However, judging from HJs in the city and Annerley I'd say it the stores are more a rip-off of their American counterparts. Hence, the confusion.


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