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Not Happy Jan!!

Amid all the chaos and busy-ness in the days leading up to wedding, I was looking forward to the one I just had. Yes, today was supposed to be the geek's day because the install of the cable internet was supposed to happen today.

As you have probably noticed, i use past tense. It didn't happen, and as you can also probably tell, i'm not too happy about it. The building already has a Telstra cable backbone (i.e. the cable running off the street to the building with a box with sockets for the unit connections), and all that was needed was the wiring to be done from that box to our actual unit proper.

The Telstra contractor came along, opened up the Telstra box on the side of the building and said something like "oh, the standard laminated sheet with the pre-approved body corporate wiring instructions isn't here, and that basically means I can't do anything without written permission body corporate".

Great. I ordered this cable install back in December in order to coincide with us moving into the unit, and now I find this out.

Although I am chairman of the body corporate for the building, I can't make decisions without it being voted on by the other owners. So away went the Telstra guy, and back home I went to grab the digital camera, to shoot and then edit a few pictures of where the cable is going to go for our unit (which ironically, it only needs to run less than a metre from the existing Telstra cabling).

I drafted a motion, inserted the before and after diagrams and sent it off to the body corporate manager, who has to formally prepare the motion and then mail it out to the various owners of the other units for it to be voted on.

If i'm lucky i'll have a response within 14 days, and even luckier if I get it approved (which considering the negligible change to the face of the building I hope it will). So this will leave my new home without internet till we get back from the honeymoon at the very earliest, which ticks me off a lot.

Well, at least i've found there's one sure-fire way to piss-off a geek: take away or deny him/her to his/hers internet access!!

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