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PC Build History

As the three-year mark is starting to roll around on my current home PC, Executor, I am trying to resist the urge at looking at parts for a new computer. Having another +1 to take care of compared to before definitely helps ;).

To have a look back through history, like the mobile phone history page I put together at the start of this year, I have collated a page detailing the history of all the PC builds that I have done. This includes specs, any upgrades, and links to the relevant build blog post.

Without doubt, Executor has been the best PC I've had. Considering that the graphics card currently in it (a Sapphire AMD 7950) is even from the previous computer and now well past three years old, is even more impressive.

The graphics performance is the only thing kind-of holding it back at the moment, and is the only part that I would consider upgrading any time soon. I have purposefully held off on upgrading the card, choosing to wait until the next generation of cards from AMD and nVIDIA come out. Now that they have started to be released, it's a waiting game for a fuller supply chain, prices to settle, and see which card provides the best bang-for-buck performance.

There's no way I could go forΒ  the top-of-the-line nVIDIA 1080, and it looks like even the second-tier 1070 will be out of budget, so I'm expecting it to come down to a AMD RX480 and the nVIDIA 1060.


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