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US/UK/HK Trip: Hong Kong & Home

Part of our 2012 US/UK/HK Trip. See the explanation and summary entry.

Coming back from London on our way to Australia, we had planned a quick stop in Hong Kong; staying there for two nights, but really only one and a half days (we flew in on Monday evening and left Wednesday night).

Bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong
Bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong

Unfortunately, all we ended up seeing of Hong Kong was our hotel room and the few streets around it in Kowloon. I was slowly getting better, but unfortunately Despina was coming down ill herself. She was starting to get a temperature, and the cheap digital thermometer we got from Boots in London broke after a few measurements.

So I spent over an hour or so going to various local shops trying to find a thermometer, or ask if they knew where I could buy one. Being in Hong Kong and considering it's colonial history, I was actually quite surprised at how most of the locals didn't speak much, or if any, English. Me trying to explain a thermometer and temperature to them would have been quite amusing to a fly-on-the-wall.

Anywho, the only thermometer I could find within a few blocks was a fancy in-ear type one like they use in hospitals these days, which was a bit expensive but worth it in the end because of the near-instant method of measurement. Our time in the hotel was not too bad though, we had again been upgraded to a full suite, and whilst it wasn't as expansive as the Las Vegas one, it was still very comfortable.

The view from our room
The view from our room

We spent the time watching on TV the storm disaster unfolding along the US east coast, and we couldn't believe our good fortune at having left there barely a week prior. We definitely dodged a bullet on that one.

We caught our flight home and arrived back in Brisbane on Thursday morning.

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