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US/UK/HK Trip: Explanation & Summary

As with our last big holiday 4 years ago, "one of the downsides of having a non-anonymous blog is that you can't blog a lot of stuff because of it, and [before] going overseas for a few weeks is probably one of them".

Last week we got back home after spending almost 4 weeks overseas on what will probably be our last big holiday before seriously settling down (if you get my drift ;)).

Our goal for this trip was to mainly go through the US, as well as to go back to London for another Arsenal game. What we ended up planning was to start off in Disneyland and Vegas (which we previously went to on our honeymoon over 6 years ago), then Washington DC and New York, before going to London, and then doing a quick stop in Hong Kong on the way back home.

Like with our previous Euro trip, I blogged offline whilst we were overseas (this time on the Asus tablet, which we took with us), and I have now retrospectively posted those entries (with photos), linked below:

Overall, the trip was really good. We had a fantastic time in the US (and got very lucky in missing Hurricane Sandy by a mere few days), and whilst our time in London and Hong Kong was very affected by illness for myself and Despina, at least in London we did all the things that we had pre-booked.

Disneyland was definitely the highlight of our trip; we had such an enjoyable time there seeing the shows, and the newly 'finished' California Adventure park with the World of Color show was particularly memorable.

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