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Up & Guitar Hero’ness

UpWe won our mixed futsal game last night, and a few of us on our team have at least a few bruises to show for it. The other team was very rough, and it's doubly frustrating in that the one of the referees there doesn't seem to be consistently applying the rules. Anyway, we won the game comfortably 7-1, and could have scored a lot more. Des, who was the only girl playing on our team (and thus had to play the entire game), played awesomely.

As we played in the early game that night, afterward we went to the movies and saw Up, the latest Pixar film. Although it's nowhere near as good as last year's Wall-E (which was my favourite movie of last year, and my favourite Pixar film), it was pretty good without being great. Definitely worth a watch though, if only for the awesome Partly Cloudy short preceding the feature.

I've spend a fair part of the weekend playing through the newly released Guitar Hero 5. It's fairly decent, although the track list still doesn't match up to World Tour for me. It's still a load of fun, and i'm actually interested to see what the whole 'band' experience would be like, although there's no way in heck i'm going to buy the set (if only for storage-reasons).

This afternoon's indoor game was also a frustrating one. The quality of refereeing at the centre there is seriously going through the floor, most of us (especially Peter) were getting thoroughly annoyed at some stupid calls that were made today. I've come out the game injured as well, i've got a few big cracks running through my left big-toe nail from getting kicked after making a pass. It's not bleeding or swelling too bad, but at the moment it is pretty painful to walk on. Hopefully I won't lose the nail like last time. Ewwww.

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