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Cold, Terminator, Home Hair-cuts

Terminator: SalvationThe weather in Brisbane has been fantasticly gloriously cold. No, i'm not being sarcastic, I really actually do enjoy the cold as much as I hate and loath the heat. Temperatures in Brisbane have been going as low as 5 degrees in the past few days (I can here many nothern-hemisphere people laughing "yeah right that's cold?"), but for Brisbane that's almost as cold as it gets here, and I for one am grateful for it.

Anywho, enough talk of the weather. Friday night we saw Terminator: Salvation, and despite low expectations, I thought it was pretty good. Although it was good, i would say it's definitely not great. It was a very dark Terminator movie, almost totally devoid of brief comedic moments that peppered the last two Terminator movies.

I did feel kind of jipped that one of the big plot-twists of the movie (Sam Worthington's character being part-machine) was spoilt months previously by some over-exposing trailers. I was annoyed by that, as it wasn't revealed until half-way through the movie, so it killed part of the story for me. That and half of the plot and time-travel stuff doesn't make sense or logic, but you'd be crazy to try and analyse these kinds of movies for it anyway.

I really don't like Christian Bale, but I really can't imagine who else they could have cast in this movie in the John Connor role. He used his 'Batman' voice a little too much for my liking ;). Plus this is really funny.

Moving on, yesterday was the next chapter in the 'having no hair' saga: as alluded to in the entry from a while back when I first had it mostly cut off, there was always going to be a lot more maintenance of the short cut.

There was no way that I would be going to the hairdressers every few weeks to get it trimmed, so this week we bought some home hair-clippers, and today was our first run cutting it ourselves.

Des and Mum did a good job (#2 all over) despite me being an irritating customer. I'm confident that with a little practice i'll have some nice tracks and a cool rattail. Just kidding...

10 thoughts on “Cold, Terminator, Home Hair-cuts”

  1. do a #1, thats what i do.

    you never get any time travel stuff, i'm surprised 'back to the future' didn't make your head explode, hahaha

  2. #1's a bit too short for me, 2's a good length.

    Back to the Future was cool, it made fun of the time travel stuff (and actually did a half-decent job at logically explaining it too!)

  3. yeah that's why it was cool that they made fun of it. The extras on the DVDs were actually quite fun to watch because they knew they were poking fun at the future and the possibility of, and logic behind, time travel.

  4. Well I watched 12 Monkeys last night, and I agree that it is time-travel done right (although they never explain how they actually do the time-travel...)

  5. sounds good; it looks like they're releasing a movie of it in a few months (starring Eric Bana no-less!), so I think i'll wait and see the film 😉


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