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Closing the X-Files & Piracy is Not Theft

A while back I bought the complete set of the X-Files (excluding the most recent movie). Seven months later, and after getting my wife hooked on it, we have finally finished watching the complete X-Files series including the recent movie which we acquired on Blu-ray.

It was great watching the show from start to finish. At the end of the show you could see why it was cancelled, and I think that it was probably appropriate that it was. After watching last year's movie recently on Blu-ray, I have mixed feelings of it. Although it was good, i felt as though it didn't really feel like they stuck to what made the show really unique, both in terms of the storyline and the execution of it. Only in the last 20 minutes of the movie did it resemble an 'x-file' to me. It reminded me of the Serenity movie, which I thought really betrayed the spirit and mood of the Firefly TV series.

Nothing much else has really happened recently. On the geek news front, one of the big news item is the trial of the Pirate Bay guys in Sweden. Although I don't promote or condone pirating, it really cheeses me off when - especially record and movie companies - refer to copying digital material as 'theft'.

It's been pointed out by many others before, but i'd like to reiterate that digital piracy is not theft. What it is, is copyright infringement, which is a whole lot different to theft. Is any property being permanently stolen? Is someone's property being permanently removed from them? No. Unauthorised copies are being made, and that is not theft. Look up most laws defining theft or thievery, and you will notice that copyright infringement definitely does not fit the definition. It is a emotive term that the big companies employ to make the action sound abhorrent; 'theft' sounds a whole lot worse then 'unauthorised copying'.

I did find the following image (from the Pirate Bay) quite funny (and true too!).

Pirate Bay Internet Cartoon

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