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X-Files & Pain

One thing I couldn't resist getting recently was the complete set (as of today) of The X-Files - all 61 DVDs worth - for a very cheap $180 off eBay. I saw Channel 10's airing of the first episode a few weeks back and was hooked again. I think it's so cheap because as of this week, it ceases to be a 'complete' set with the impending release of the new movie due out on Thursday.

The X-Files is one of the shows that I absolutely loved watching in the late 90s, but never saw the end of as uni prevented me from attending to my normal TV watching schedule. Along with the X-Files, i also stopped watching Buffy and Stargate among others.

So i'm watching the series' through from the start, and i'm almost through the first season.

We played indoor on Sunday afternoon and lost our final game of the normal season as we are pretty understaffed at the moment. The loss actually turned out good, as we now play an easier team in the semi-final next week because of it.

After the game i experienced a weird migraine that i've never had before. It was preceded by some strange vision problems in that the area just left of my central vision disappeared, but in a weird way: i couldn't see what was there, but it wasn't black; it's like the colours just blended in so that it looked almost normal. Very hard to explain... this wiki entry is very interesting though.

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