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I Just Don’t Understand Arsenal & Opera Mini 4.2

Celebrations as Arsenal beat ChelseaAlthough I didn't stay up to watch the game on Sunday night, Arsenal beating Chelsea at their home ground absolutely delights, overjoys, and thoroughly confuses me all at the same time.

Like the Manchester United victory three weeks ago, I was expecting an Arsenal bloodbath in this game (Arsenal have lost twice since the Man Utd game, to mediocre-ish opposition). The fact that they actually managed to not lose, let alone win the game against the billions-of-dollars of Chelsea is amazing.

Anywho, we spent the majority of the weekend down the Gold Coast attending a wedding that was down there. After we arrived back on Sunday, I played our indoor game which we lost a tight game, myself scoring one.

Since then I have also upgraded Opera Mini on my phone to the latest version, 4.2. The difference is amazing: general page loads and wait-times are fantastically short; you wouldn't guess i'm using vanilla GSM GPRS (i.e not 3G). Although I am mainly accessing mobile sites (i.e sites that have been designed/scaled-down for viewing on mobile devices), I don't see any reason why I would need a 3G phone for internet access (plus my data usage being mysteriously included as part of my capped allowance isn't any incentive either).

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