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Mediagate Failures & Arsenal Triumphant

Arsenal vs Manchester UnitedIt's been a pretty ordinary week overall. Returning to work has been, as expected, a bit of a let down after four and a bit weeks of holidays, but there wasn't any disasters in my week back so I guess it could have been worse.

There have been a few technological-related happenings around our place. Firstly, I picked up a new router. I've had good experiences with Netgears, so I decided to upgrade my existing one to the WNR3500. The upgrade was mainly to get one with Quality of Service so that the wife's VOIP calls aren't mixed up by me torrenting or gaming, and also to get a gigabit switch and a 802.11n wireless access point.

The other thing was the (not quite so) spectacular failure of the Mediagate that I got earlier in the year. I've been progressively more disatisfied with it as the year progressed, so this just rounds it off. I was hoping to get a refund on it so I could buy something else, but Umart's returns policy doesn't cater for that. Hopefully the repaired/replacement one will be better.

Moving on, after a disastrous last week or two for the Arsenal faithful, I bravely stayed up last night to watch the Arsenal vs. Manchester United match.

It turned out to a cracker of a match. Like the Spurs one a week and a half ago, it was great watching for the neutrals, and in the end not too bad for the Arsenal fans too. Arsenal ran out deserved 2-1 winners, although the last few minutes of the game had my heart going at a million miles an hour.

Great stuff, and it really made my weekend.

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