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Sonic Unleashed, Internet Censorship Petitions, Kitchen Capers

Sonic UnleashedGaming season continues this week. After finishing Call of Duty: World at War on Monday, yesterday I picked up Sonic Unleashed for the Wii.

I'm a big fan of Sonic, despite some truly horrible and lots of mediocre games since the glory days of the originals on Sega Master System and Megadrive. I really enjoyed the last Sonic game i got (Secret Rings), and this one isn't too bad either.

The daytime stages of the game are great, but the nighttime 'Werehog' stages are really ordinary. I'm not quite sure why they went in that direction for this game, it just isn't Sonic. More of the daytime stuff with a bit more variety would have made this a truly great game.

Ah well, there's still The Black Knight to look forward to, but just the concept of that game makes me apprehensive.

Continuing on my commentary of the ridiculous Australian Government plans for internet censorship, I strongly encourage everyone to put their names to the various petitions regarding this subject. One of the more recent and higher-profile ones of late is that from community advocacy organisation 'GetUp!'. Get out there and make yourselves heard.

In other news, at home here our kitchen is a big mess. We're replacing most of the original 15-year old appliances with new ones, but the process hasn't really been a smooth one. The good side of the kithen-being-a-mess coin is that not having an oven, stove, or dishwasher makes for a perfect excuse to go out and eat or get take-away ;).

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