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Nothing Much Happening

Sonic PosterNothing really noteworthy has happened over the past few days. Work has settled down into the calendar year (I can't believe that it is March already) and we're trudging along.

I did get Sonic and the Secret Rings on Tuesday (two days early), although I frustratingly haven't had that much spare time to get properly into it. It's easily the best looking Wii game out already graphics-wise, but you don't really have an opportunity to take it all in as Sonic is blazing through a level. The music is so bad that it's awesomely good (e.g. 80s style rock), but the voice acting in the game is just plain terrible. I think it's a good game overall, but i'll have to spend a little more time playing it.

Due to budgetary constraints, this will be my last game purchase in quite a while (excluding Wii Virtual Console games), so i'm going to enjoy it.

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