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America Decides… (2008)

... and this time I think they got it right (see my blog entry about last time).

Obama wins the PresidencyI remember four years ago seeing Obama making a speech after being elected to the Senate and thinking "that guy's a pretty good speaker", with the media saying to keep an eye out for him as a promising man with potential.

It's quite remarkable that only four years later the same man has been elected President, even discounting the other more obvious and well discussed attributes.

After 8 years of Bush it's so great to see and hear someone that has some charisma and is actually a half-decent speaker. It's amazing the sense of hope and enthusiasm one man can provide to a nation.

One thing's for certain: there's very, very little chance he'll be a worse president than the incumbent. That title will take some beating, and shame on America for electing such a douchebag not only once, but twice.

Here's hoping for a brighter future, not only for Americans but for the world in general.

1 thought on “America Decides… (2008)”

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I am not even American, yet I am so relieved and so grateful that the US has chosen an informed, enlightened, well-spoken and well respected man as president. The last eight years has been hell for the world, and for the reputation of the US.


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