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Sick & Batman

The Dark KnightAfter having finally succumbed to the flu, i've spent the past day and a half sick at home. I'm feeling much better this afternoon, just in time to make it to see The Dark Knight at a free screening held by work's ISP company (quite ironic considering the pertinent events earlier this week and that they are a wholly owned Optus subsidiary).

I've never really liked Batman as a character, and i was mainly going for the Mrs. The movie wasn't that bad, but it wasn't all too good either. Without giving too much away, it felt like it rambled on from one climax to another, and the finale, well... wasn't all that climactic.

The plot went from very predictable at times, to illogical and unbelievable at others. At one point Batman had to beat up cops to stop something bad from happening when grabbing one and telling them the situation would have seemed a more obvious and effective solution to the situation. More action the better i guess.

A lot is being said about Heath Ledger's final role, and while very good, without being disrespectful it really isn't Oscar-winning material, although i'd bet he'll actually win it in 6 months time.

I can't say i'd want to see it again, although it is worth watching at least once to make up your own mind.

2 thoughts on “Sick & Batman”

  1. he couldn't just grab one and tell them, because he didn't know who he could trust what with the corruption and all...did you even follow the movie?

    I think he plays the joker quite well, but i'm with you, i'm not sure he should get the oscar, but he will.


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