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Weekend Summary: Movies & SSBB

Super Spash Bros. BrawlThis weekend we ended up mainly watching movies and me playing the newly released (newly released in Australia anyway) Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It's quite pathetic that this massive Nintendo game was released in Japan and the USA back in January and March respectively, but it's only been released in Europe and here now. Very, very poor form Nintendo.

I've played through the individual 'Subspace Emissary' missions in the game, and also a few games online. I was excited to play as Sonic, but once he was unlocked i didn't really fancy him too much in the game. He's way to fast, and too easy to fall off the platforms. Surprisingly the characters that i've been most successful with has been Kirby and Meta Knight (I actually won an online multiplayer game with Kirby!). I also have the privilege of having one of the game's characters named after me; too bad he pretty much sucks in the game.

I think i like the Kirby characters because they are easy to control and have good recovering abilities because they can float/fly pretty well.

The start of the weekend saw us seeing Kung Fu Panda on Friday night. It was a pretty good movie that kept the humour throughout, and the Chinese theme and especially music was quite refreshing.

Saturday night after Church and dinner we made a snap decision to see Get Smart. I really enjoyed the movie, it was very funny and actually quite witty. My only criticism would be that it didn't really feel very 'Get Smart'-ish. Nonetheless, as a comedic spy movie it really shined.

This afternoon we also won our indoor game 4-1. Today's win should see us push into the top four for the first time, after starting the the regular season in 7th place out of 8.

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  1. On Wednesday?! I'm surprised that you haven't got it already, i would have thought that you and/or Eric would have imported it before now...


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