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International Football & When Will It End?!

Football: Australia vs. IraqYesterday was a very football-centric day. I played indoor in the morning, which we convincingly won. We've been placed in division 4 (one up from last season), and we were previously the 7th out of 8. We beat the 2nd placed team yesterday, so this season might not be all doom and gloom for us.

That night we went and saw the World Cup Qualification match between Australia and Iraq at Suncorp Stadium. It was so good being in stadium of almost 50,000 people watching a football match (see the photo right), as it is something that is quite rare in this country.

The game itself was quite lively, as Australia won 1-0, but I thought the Iraqis were very unlucky not to score as they could of easily had 4 or 5 goals had they put away their chances.

Today was really an effort to get out of bed, the rainy days here in Brisbane in the past few days have made for great sleeping-in weather, and it was a real shame that we had to get up out of bed to go to work this morning.

That was made even more of a shame by the work that faced me. Recently work has felt like we've been stumbling from one disaster of varying degrees to another. Things that never happen have been happening at an alarming frequency over the past few months. Most aren't through fault of our own, but nevertheless we still have to deal with them.

Somewhat fortunately, they've been occurring mostly serially, but it's felt like that once we deal with one sort of IT disaster, within a few days another one crops up to take its place. It's beyond funny now, and i'm really wanting to know when will it all end?

As mentioned in the comment on the last entry, lately i've actually quite gotten into Team Fortress 2. I've had a few really good rounds, and i'm getting quite good at playing the 2Fort map. But I really should play a few of the other maps to gets used to them too. Sniping and back-stabbing Michael and Peter is always fun too ;).

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