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San Andreas, CL Final 2008, Indy

In the past few weeks I have finally returned to have another go at playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I had bought the game a while ago, but i never ended up playing beyond the first 1/2 hour after discovering that you had to eat and exercise as part of the game (something that you never had to do in previous GTAs, and something that I loathed).

After getting around that with some cheats, after a few weeks play I finally finished the game last night. Now I just have to wait until (hopefully) they release GTA4 on PC.

Thursday was an interesting day: I got up at 5am to watch the Champions League final, and stayed up late as we went to the movies and saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The Champions League final was contested between Manchester United and Chelsea. Being an Arsenal fan, I didn't want either side to win it (the Arseblog guy was barracking for a natural disaster to win, lol). But out of the two teams I wanted Chelsea to lose more, so I was somewhat pleased with the result. You couldn't script the penalty drama that finished the game, but it was entertaining to watch. Man Utd have had an awesome season though, mainly due to one player, so lets hope he breaks a leg at the European Championships ;).

Later that night we went and saw the new Indy Movie, which was a solid film without going beyond too much of what worked in the previous ones. I'm not sure if I liked the basis of the plot (i won't spoil here), but that left me feeling a little disappointed. There was an awesome scene at the start though, and that alone will probably make me go see it again.

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