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Headache but Lifeblogging

It's been a while since I did a good lifeblogging.

This last week went mainly according to some form of routine. As alluded to in the previous entry, i've had a bit of hosting problems for this website as my account has been migrated to a new server. The site was down, and because it has contravened their 99.5% Uptime Guarantee, i will undoubtedly be getting some money/bonuses in return.

In our state of Queensland, we are having state elections next week, and I am already sick of all the ads related to it. Each party promising this, that, the sky etc.

During the week, I went into the city at lunch, and with the help of Des, managed to acquire Memphis Belle (which was the movie I missed out on last week), as well as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for $10 and $30 respectively.

Saturday night was Church as usual. Getting there was a nightmare: not only was there a Lions game on at the Gabba to navigate around, but there was also the yearly Riverfire fireworks display as part of the annual RiverFestival. RiverFire is probably the biggest fireworks display in Brisbane each year, and made even more spectacular by two F111 military jets doing a dump-and-burn down alternate directions of the river to open and close the display (see the inset picture).

The problem is that St George Church that we go to on Saturday night is very close to the centre of the fireworks, and the jets and fireworks usually disrupt the end of the service. Fr D usually skips the sermon to allow everyone to go out and look, but last night he delivered quite a stirring sermon battling both the jets and the fireworks.

After Church we caught the end of the 1/2 hour fireworks display. I even managed to catch part of the jet fly-by on my phone in craptacular quality: see the video here (~500KB, need Quicktime to play).

After that we managed to fight our way through the post-RiverFire traffic to go bowling with some of the people from the Estia Foundation. I did fantastic at times, disgusting at others. For example in the last game in the last frame, I needed a spare, and 1 pin to beat Andrew. I got the spare, but managed to gutter-ball when all i needed was 1/10. A draw it was, and very angry at myself indeed.

I woke up this morning to play indoor at the very unfriendly time of 10:20am. We were outplayed, party because we are so unfit, especially from the bye last week, and partly because we had to play 10 minutes of the game with only 4 people after Rolando got the game time mixed up and came late. We lost 4-2.

4 thoughts on “Headache but Lifeblogging”

  1. Yep, the election is this Saturday. Premier Pete just called it a few weeks ago. I dunno, are you supposed to vote if you aren't living here? I guess if you're on the electoral role you have to...

    (for non-Australians: in Australia voting in elections and referendums is compulsory)

  2. I don't even know which electorate I was last registered in!! I've moved too much over the past few years... ah well fudge it, I'll just pay the fine when I get back:D

    Also the verification code thingy has stopped doing it's trick...

  3. So the code works as it should now? Funny, I wonder if it's related to the server move?

    meh, as long as you can post comments and I don't get comment spam i'm happy 😀


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