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Statistics 2007

Day 30, final day of NaBloPoMo 2007

So this is the last entry for NaBloPoMo 2007. As i mentioned a few days ago, it's been a little underwhelming this year; i've gotten no real satisfaction out of it.

Like I did near the end of last year's NaBloPoMo, i thought it might be interesting to post the statistics of the effect NaBloPoMo has had on the amount of visitors coming to this website:

NaBloPoMo stats

As with last year, it seems that NaBloPoMo has greatly increased the amount of visitors over previous months, but it seems that the response this year was less enthusiastic that of last year's (maybe because of the quality of my posts :p).

Also, this month is by no means the highest scoring month this year, as it was last year by such a large margin.

So that's it for another year, now i plan to follow it up by participating in NaNoBloPoMo (National Not Blog Posting Month), in which i won't do any blog posts for a month. (Just kidding :))

2 thoughts on “Statistics 2007”

  1. of course, the effect of nablopomo wasn't just in november - it also gave you a killer three months after that, which this nablopomo had to compete with - hardly the same handicap!


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