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Woes: Miscellaneous & Henry Leaves Arsenal

Although i would have liked to, i haven't had a very nice weekend or a past few days.

The big news for Arsenal fans over the weekend is that the captain and all-time leading goal-scorer, Thierry Henry, left the club to join Barcelona. This stinks, mainly because of the following quote from barely a year ago when signing a new contract with Arsenal:

I've never played in Spain and never will... This is my last contract.
- Thierry Henry, May 2006
Here's what i thought back then. I guess that's what pisses me off about the whole thing: players can lie their faces off and people forget about what they said barely a year on. I'm not that p'od that he's leaving, but if he was going to go, he should have left last year and Arsenal could have fetched a much bigger fee and signed another player, rather than have Henry sitting injured on the sidelines for most of the last season. That, and my Arsenal jersey with his name on it can't really be worn any more ;).

Still, it will be strange seeing him in another team's jersey, but especially Barcelona's. Thanks for the memories Thierry, there were a lot and it's been a blast. It's not all gloom though, last season demonstrated that Arsenal can at least survive without him, and i think that he's coming to the twighlight of his career anyway.

Other than that, generally things haven't been going right. I'm going to return the sunglasses that I bought in the last entry, mainly because the lense, specifically the polarisation, is screwing with my eyes. I must hunt for new ones again.

On Sunday, we lost the last game of the regular season in indoor, only our second all season. The finals start next week, and frankly, i'll be disappointed at anything less than winning the title this season: we've been by far the best team in our division.

Plus work is still quite busy and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. I'm thinking of taking a holiday soon.

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