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Cheering Up: Henry Stays & Family Guy

Over the past 24 hours i've been occupying myself with things to take my mind off Arsenal's heartbreaking loss in the final of the Champions League yesterday morning.

A few things have cheered me up. In the past 5 mins reports are coming through that Arsenal's talismanic striker and captain, Thierry Henry, is set to stay at the club despite being widely believed to be leaving for another club, most likely Barcelona, after this past season. This is fantastic news for Arsenal fans, as the club would never be the same if the all-time top-scorer were to go.

Another thing that has immensely cheered me up is the TV show The Family Guy which was on last night. Included in that episode was this hilarious clip about Thomas Edison.

Man I love that show. Tonight includes a round of poker and the start of the weekend!

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