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Consumerism: Trudging along waiting for price cuts

ConsumerismWaiting blows. I have come to realise over the years that I am generally a very impatient person. If i know I want something, I generally want to get it as soon as possible. It's worse waiting for something that you don't know when you are going to get it.

Waiting for the expected price-cuts on various items needed for me to build my new computer mentioned in the previous entry is not really bringing out the best of me. In fact it's like a drug addiction that I need a fix for.

I don't really like situation, and i feel that in recent history i've become a sort of slave to consumerism that has really never affected me in this way before. I've sort of serially focused one one thing at a time that i've wanted to get, and i'm not satisfied until i get it: Wii, games for it, controllers, monitor etc, and now the new computer.

Of course each time i've convinced myself (and Des ;)) one way or another that I actually need the said item, and in this case with the computer it's the same: i need it for my chosen profession and career.

Anywho, i'm rambling on now. I think i'll end up going to bed early and reading a book to get away from the computer for a change.

2 thoughts on “Consumerism: Trudging along waiting for price cuts”

  1. Ah consumerism! I've gotten into ordering things online and it's so exciting when the packages arrive! But waiting until they arrive is a right pain in the butt. I just want to press the 'pay' button and hey presto! there's my purchase!:D You should invent a computer that does that.:D

  2. yeah, I absolutely hate waiting for things to arrive after ordering them online.

    Hmmm, an instant product teleporting contraption ey? I think I might have a go at inventing that... (patent pending!) 😀


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