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Feeling the Itch…

I've mentioned previously that I was going to wait to much later this year to buy a new computer.

Several things have happened in the past week which has accelerated those plans. I am currently very very itchy to get the new computer.

The first thing that happened was that, just out of curiosity's sake, I tallied the cost of all the parts that I would like in the computer, and surprisingly found that it actually sat within my anticipated budget (albeit pushing the very top range of said budget).

Secondly, on Wednesday night I spent a few hours troubleshooting installing a TV tuner onto a laptop running Windows Vista for a relative, and upon getting it working was very impressed overall with Vista's looks, but also Windows Media Centre that comes as part of the Home Premium version.

After getting home that night and returning to my XP based computer, i went 'oh yeah, this crappy looking thing'. Thus I got itchy, and i'm planning on getting the computer in the immediate to near future. I think i've basically speced out what i'm going to get, and boy is it going to rock. On Friday I already acquired the case, monitor, and TV tuner card.

I'm just waiting one some expected price drops at the start of May from Intel and nVidia on their processors and graphics cards respectively before I buy all the inside bits of the machine, which should make the thing more affordable.

Other than getting excited about the new computer, this past week has been pretty boring. Today was pretty good though: Despina was the Godmother to one of our friends from the Saturday night group who was baptised today, and after Church we all went to Lonestar to give Andrew a going away thingy as he moves down the Coast for work.

My stomach really hurts from eating too many fantastic ribs and free left-over Easter-eggs they gave us.

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