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3 Years On: The Unreleased Material

I know that I was supposed to do this entry yesterday, but i kinda forgot.

Anywho, yesterday marked the beginning of the fourth year of this blog, and in a few days the website in general. It's hard to believe that three years ago I made the first ever entry in this thing and that i'm still doing it.

To mark the occasion I thought I might put up a few things that I started but never really put on this site.

A few will remember that there used to be a splash page that, using flash, allowed people to choose to either see the latest intro or enter the site (much like that at Homestar Runner). Along with the homepage, this was removed a few months ago.

Rewind back a few years, back then I actually made a replacement splash page with the help of Despina, this time with a little more actual 'splash' (you'll get that when you see the thing). I never published it, mainly because I had planned to put it up to coincide with a new intro that never really eventuated.

Anywho enough talk, see the unreleased splash animation in all it's crappy glory!

Crap i know.

Graduation LucasThe intro that was supposed to go up with that I did actually start. I had planned it to be a 'graduation'-style intro that would mark my graduation (back in mid 2005), and also the end of Gysdintu (a uni monster I created for some intros, named from an anagram of 'studying').

I didn't really get that far into it. The only thing i did really get done is draw up myself in the usual intro (South Park) style, looking how i did on the day (pictured right).

So there you are, a few things I started but never really finished for this site. Proper life-blogging tomorrow.

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