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Vista RTM & How I Met Your Mother

Day 9 of NaBloPoMo

Vista OrbThe big geek news of today is that the next version of Microsoft's Windows operating system, Vista, has gone RTM (Release To Manufacturing). This basically means that Microsoft has signed off on the final version of the operating system and that it now gets sent out to manufacture (DVDs produced and distributed, as well as sent to the PC builders, etc.).

This means that Vista will be released to business on November 30, and to the general public sometime late January (most analysts say January 30).

Moving on: a TV show that both me and Despina have really gotten into in the past few weeks is How I Met Your Mother on Channel 7 on Thursday nights. I really love the witty humour, and they have fabulous one-liners. Tonight's episode was especially good.

We never really got a chance to watch the show consistently before, but now that we have the TV tuner on the computer we can set it to record the shows that we really want to see if we're not at home. (To Americans and internet people, I know in Australia we are way behind in airings, so please no spoilers or alike :))

Played mixed futsal tonight and lost, conceding a few unlucky goals and having a few dodgy ref decisions go against us.

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  1. We did, as we had futsal tonight, but i think I deleted it after we watched it when we got home! I'm not 100% sure though, but i'll check when I get home tonight...


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