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tgif. REALLY tgif & Live Blogging

Day 17 of NaBloPoMo

I mean really tgif. This week was one of the toughest weeks at work that i've had for a long time. Next week should be a lot better once my partner-in-crime returns from leave.

Today I went into the city and bought Family Guy Season 5 on DVD, i should be watching the hilarity that it is over the next few days.

Freaky: right now whilst typing out this entry, i have my entire iTunes library on shuffle, and The Weekend by Michael Gray just came on. How appropriate. That's live blogging for you!

Speaking of iTunes, i'm getting quite sick of the bloated crap that the latest version of it on Windows is. A music player should not consume as much resources as it does, and definitely should not skip whilst some other application is performing some semi-intensive task.

It reminds me of Adobe Reader 6.0, which was very slow, big and bloated. With 7.0, Adobe cleaned up their act and streamlined it a lot, making it a lot more friendly. Hopefully Apple will do the same with iTunes in the near future.

ooo, more live blogging!: the next song just came on (Wonderful by Everclear, fantastic song), and I find it absolutely amazing how a song (or a sight or a smell) can just transport you to another place and time in your past. This song takes me straight back to 1999, in my semi-depressive high school days listening to the CD single (remember when people used to buy those? lol) on my stereo in my bedroom.

Anywho, I thing that's enough rambling for tonight. I better post this entry before the next song comes on 😉

So tired...

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