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Day 26 of NaBloPoMo

Last night was good: went to Church, farewelled a person going to Africa for a few weeks, and then it transpired that via picking up fish'n'chips, a few people came over our place to watch a few How I Met Your Mother episodes.

This morning I got up around 9am, and after arguing with myself, eventually convinced me to have a go at shaving in the crapful morning heat. I use an electric shaver, and using that whilst your skin and moist with sweat is not a pleasant experience: no, weirdly it doesn't make the skin more slippery for the shaver, but rather makes the shaver catch and drag on the skin. With the help of a fan, it didn't turn out to be that bad.

After properly getting up, we made an attendance at the Cypriot BBQ at the park down by the river at West End, and after dropping Des at a Tupperware party, I went and played the game at indoor. It was really hot, and I think it affected our performance. We won the game 2-1, but we really should have buried our inexperienced opponents.

Tonight I'll probably end up watching the final of Australian Idol.

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