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Rain & Fudamudaguda

Day 5 of NaBloPoMo

More on the latter part of the title a bit later.

Rain in BrisbaneYesterday we've had something that we've hadn't had for a while: a good day of rain, and fortunately a good portion of it fell in the catchment areas for the dams. It's an event that has been so rare in recent history here that I actually brought out the camera took a picture of the downfall outside our balcony (right).

Unfortunately for others, there was an outdoor Engagement party planned for yesterday which obviously had to be moved to shelter under the house where it was a lot dryer. We stayed there for most of the afternoon. I really don't get why people plan outdoor events like parties, weddings etc. In my opinion it's just asking for trouble, but i'm sure the logic of planning one in the middle of a drought does put the odds in your favour (unluckily for yesterdays organisers).

Anywho, we went to Church last night and afterwards went to SouthBank to Kapsali (a Greek Restaurant) to celebrate two upcoming birthdays. I wasn't too happy about going to a Greek restaurant in the first place after eating Greek food for the majority of the afternoon, but afterwards i was even more peeved at our choice of restaurant.

A little background for the unfamiliar: SouthBank is a popular social destination for Brisbanites, especially on weekend nights, and thus parking in this inner-city area is at a premium. Luckily (or so I thought) the underground SouthBank car parking facility offers free parking when you spend $30 or more at a restaurant in the parklands.

We were undoubtedly going to do that, so we parked there. When going to pay the bill at the end of the night, I was very unhappy when told that "oh, sorry, but we don't do that parking deal here". Not happy. Of course the 'free parking' signs around the place state 'at participating restaurants', but there were no indications (signs, notices, etc) anywhere in the parklands or at the restaurants themselves on which ones were or were not participating in the deal.

Not happy at all, and i'm more than happy to publicly state my frustration at Kapsali for not taking part in the parking deal for their customers, because obviously the restaurant (which is quite large and popular: the 'bookings only' sign when arriving was testament to that) doesn't want to slightly hurt their considerable margins by subsidising a bit of carparking for a group that just spent ~$300+ at their restaurant.

The GooniesAnywho, this led to me mumbling and cursing all the way back to the car and paying to get out of the carpark, with me using 'fudamudaguda' in the place of more coarsely appropriate words.

After we got home, we decided to watch The Goonies, which I had acquired last week on DVD. I love this movie, and I haven't seen it in the better part of a decade. This is one of the movies that stands out in my childhood, and I love the Asian kid 'Data', and his inventions throughout the movie. It made me want to become an 'inventor' when I grew up.

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