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Not feeling good & resisting tempation

Day 11 of NaBloPoMo

Dollar symbolFor some reason i'm not feeling too flash today. It could be that I may be coming down with something, or it could have something to do with the KFC i ate for dinner last night. Either way i'm not feeling that good.

Anywho, after getting married earlier this year of course our finances are a lot tighter than than before we got married. The home loan, body corporate fees, rates, electricity, phone, internet, health insurance, contents insurance, car insurance, car rego, petrol, and food are all things that we didn't have to pay for this time last year. Consequently our expendable income is nowhere near the amount that we have been used to in the past couple of years.

It's tough work resisting the temptation to buy 'luxury' things (such as computer-stuff we don't need, movies on DVD, etc etc) that I would have normally bought before, but shouldn't now because it's either not necessary for us to live and/or it's too expensive.

Sometimes I give in and buy the thing, and other times I show a lot of intestinal fortitude and resist buying something that I really really want.

I guess it's a result of the super capitalist consumer society in which we live: the main aim of human existence in this society is to make money by convincing others to part with theirs, so in turn you can use that money to give to others in exchange for goods or services.

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