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Friday & South Park

Day 3 of NaBloPoMo

Just got home from work and I have just commenced my attack on the computers. Friday night is usually when I try to get all the weekly computer-maintenance things out of the way. This includes doing anti-virus and spyware/adware scans, and doing backups among other things. I'm sure you guys all do that as well right? You don't?! Well, you really should, if not every week at the very least fortnightly or monthly. *steps off soapbox*

South ParkAfter getting back from the honeymoon, I have been reacquainted with one of my favourite TV shows: South Park. After leaving school and starting uni, I mostly didn't have that much time to watch any show at the same time every week. I mean, if I was watching TV at the time and the show was on i'd watch it, but I wouldn't exactly go out of my way to watch it.

Now that we are married and spending most nights in our own place rather than going out at night to see each other, I have more time to watch TV. Especially, I love watching South Park. The below-the-belt antics cannot be matched, and the teenage-boy toilet-humour is right up my alley.

I can understand why people find the show so offensive, but that is mainly what makes it so funny and enjoyable: they go where no other show would dare to tread. Now in it's tenth season, I have missed the majority of about 5 years worth of South Park.

Anywho, the weekend ahead looks to be busy, full of engagements and birthdays.

4 thoughts on “Friday & South Park”

  1. God I love that show!!! I don't get to watch it anymore... will have to make amends when back in Oz!

    Meanwhile, I'm loving this blogging month. Because you're updating so often, I have something to read every day. So everyone wins! Huzzah!

  2. Well i'm glad someone is enjoying it. 😀

    It's actually a bit strange doing an entry every day when I normally wouldn't because of nothing much to blog...

    There's no way I could keep this pace up indefinitely though. It's way too much pressure! 😉

  3. It doesn't seem to be too stable, plus it's becoming an absolute resource hog: eg taking up to 30% of the CPU (let alone the memory it uses) just playing songs from my library whilst it's minimised in the task bar. And if anything else touches upon the processor, the music skips.

    I think it's become far too bloated (at least on Windows) for an application that's supposed to primarily be a simple music player.

    But then again it could all be part of a massive Apple conspiracy to frustrate Windows users enough to move over the the macs... (jk) 😉


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