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Extreme Cleaning

Day 18 of NaBloPoMo

WARNING: Washing and cleaning can be dangerous!

Well, at least it was for me today. The washing machine stuffed up on our first load (the towels): it didn't spin them because the load became unbalanced and left some very soaked and very heavy towels.

In trying to wring the water out of the towels, I managed to tweak something in my back, which after a few minutes, promptly started to cramp. Very painful, and Dr Mum came over with some Deep Heat.

That was the end of the cleaning for me, which also meant that I managed to get out of the planned manual labour that was meant to be happening at the office.

So I've just spent most of the day sitting up straight with a hot-pack on my back watching Des to all the housework. Not too bad if i do say so myself, except for the pain that is.

NaBloPoMo is really starting to get hard! This is another day in which I wouldn't have even considered blogging.

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