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Why White?! & Online RSS Aggregators Help

It always makes me feel old when I criticise things that are currently popular or in fashion (such as music, clothing, fashion, style, etc). Probably the biggest thing that has pissed me off in recent history regarding this sort of thing is the recent fashion of making everything white. Some things I can understand, but the whole 'trendy white' 'thing' really gets to me.

Led in recent years by Apple, who currently sell nearly everything they produce in white, there are just some things that should never be white. Example number 1: a keyboard or mouse. WTF? Even black keyboards after a good six to 12 months of solid use are lucky to look half decent, but white? It Looks absolutely appallingly disgusting after even a relatively short period of time. I'd rather not see all the wonderful shades of black and brown (not to mention the other potential colours of the dirt rainbow) on a keyboard or mouse I have to use.

Example 2: bright white floor tiling in very public areas, the prime example being the Myer Centre (a local shopping mall) which recently refurbished most of the place with stark white tiles. That place has many thousands of people pass through there every day, the tiles haven't even been in there that long and they look like they need replacing because of how scuffed, worn, and dirty they already are.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the creamier colours, they aren't that bad, but bright white is just terrible for many things such as high use products and materials. I guess that it's just so impractical in most situations in that it shows up dirt and general grubbiness much more prevalently in situations where a practical choice of colour would have made much more sense.

I think now is one of those times where people will look back on all this white crap in 10 years and think "WTF were we thinking?".

*steps off the soapbox*

Anywho, it's once again hard to believe that the weekend is gone already. After getting home last night we watched the World Poker Tour till late whilst watching the live gamecast (description of the game in text, i'm sad i know) of the Arsenal game.

This morning woke up and went to indoor. After our fantastic performance last week, this week nothing went right. Ben rightly said that "everything that could go wrong did". Firstly was some shocking ref calls, one example being an opposition a goal which was definitely 100% inside the keeper's area. Add to that us missing open goals, and generally playing badly we lost quite convincingly. It was even more frustrating in that the opposition players that scored most of their goals and created most of their chances were ringers they recruited to make up the numbers.

To geekery, I'm currently looking for a good online RSS aggregrator/feed reader. What this kind of thing does, is basically collects all the feeds that you would usually read (such as blogs, news, etc) in one place, allowing you to read everything on the one site rather than jumping around from one site to another.

I've looked around, and although i've tried a few, none of them really satisfy me; each has their own 'deal-breaker'. Rojo wouldn't even read some of the feeds I was giving to it (I have no idea why); Newsgator although good, I can't use because it shows dates in the American format with no way of changing it; Google Reader does some strange things ordering the posts, and won't display images on some of them (including my blog); etc etc.

If anyone has any suggestions on other good web-based RSS Aggregators/Feed Readers, i'd appreciate your input.

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