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RIP Shoutbox – What Next?

Question MarkAfter saying it was going to happen at the start of July, a few days ago my host finally upgraded the web-servers this site runs off to PHP5 (the MySQL databases however, still remain unchanged). As expected, a few things broke. Luckily this blog, the Gallery, and my own custom content management system that the site-proper uses has seemingly emerged intact.

The only casualty of the upgrade was the Shoutbox that was on the site homepage. The script was apparently not coded with quality, and has been abandoned by the developer, hence its incompatibility with the new version of PHP. The shoutbox hasn't been used much at recent times anyway, so i'm not all that saddened to see it go.

So now there is a big gap where it used to be. Fixing would have been a waste of my time, and replacing it with another shoutbox doesn't really appeal to me given its recent use. I was just going to make the text flow all the way across the page, but it looks pretty bland for a homepage.

So i'm asking all site visitors to comment on what they want in the space instead! Place a comment on this entry on what you think should fill the space. Anything goes: an image, Google Ads, a poll, etc. All suggestions are welcome.

6 thoughts on “RIP Shoutbox – What Next?”

  1. To be honest, in my favourites folder I have the link to your blog page, not your homepage. But if you were to keep it and fill the blank space, how about filling it with a game of Tetris?!:D

  2. I don't know.. maybe you could update it with the picture of the week or something interesting/funny like that...or you could have it devoted to saying how awesome mivchael is.


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