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Holding my Breath

If this breaks in a few days, it wasn't me :woops:. My host is upgrading all their servers to the latest stable versions on PHP and MySQL (both from versions 4 to 5). As a result, some or all of my PHP scripts may cease to work because I am not 100% positive that they are compatible under the new version of PHP. My apologies in advance if the site goes down.

After all the excitement of the past week (as well as my blog frequency, of which I am quite proud of 8)), things seem to have calmed down a bit (probably also related to the first break-days in the World Cup :)).

Summing up recent results, France beat Spain 3-1, which means they will play Brazil in the quarter-finals. Personally I hope France totally pwn Brazil; it's not that I don't like the Brazilians, its just that I'm really sick of them winning. If they don't make it to the final this year (same with the Italians), i'll be happy :).

5 thoughts on “Holding my Breath”

  1. What's that. i read the words. but all i saw was Brazil 3-0.

    As you are not here to correct me i will assume this is correct. hehehe.

  2. what's that? 3-0 comes to mind because that's the last time the teams have met, and if i recall correctly, that's when France beat Brazil 3-0 in the World Cup final... :p hehe


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