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Football Resumes & Mice

grrrr: annoyance at typing this out for the second time after accidentally pressing the back button on my new mouse and losing my typed out entry.

Anyway, here I go again: I had a pretty good weekend. After doing all the washing and cleaning that is required of us on a Saturday, we went to Church on Saturday night and after welcoming back a friend, we made a brief appearance at the subsequent Estia Foundation supper. (As a side note, how come the Estia Foundation can come up with a half-decent website but the Archdiocese can't?)

Anyway, after that we went and ate at Macca's and then went to Southbank and saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. I enjoyed the movie, but felt it was a bit long, and the plot a bit overly complicated and hard to follow. I still can't wait to see the next movie, but I was extremely disappointed when I found out that it will be released in May after expecting a December release. I had thought that as with the two Matrix sequels (which like these two movies were shot together), they were going to release the movies with a six month interval.

I had a pretty lazy but overly frustrating day on Sunday, as I spent the majority of the day attempting to transfer a video edited with Windows Movie Maker into DVD with Sony DVD Architect. I had this really weird problem where DVD Architect wouldn't recognise sound in the movie past specific points in the avi file. grrr.

That night was the first game of the new season of indoor football at the very unfriendly time of 8:50pm. I relished at playing again after the break of the last 3 weeks. We played a pretty good game, winning 5-1 despite some shocking refereeing going almost totally against us (I had a perfectly good goal ruled out).

In the past few days many would have noticed that the Italian football clubs Juventus, Lazio, Fiorontena, and AC Milan were found guilty of match-fixing, the first 3 mentioned being relegated to a lower division as punishment, and Juventus also being stripped of its titles of the past two seasons.

Serves those corrupt @#&%$#'s right. No doubt all their star players will now leave the clubs after being deprived of playing top-flight football. Hopefully Arsenal can pick up a few good ones.

My Old MouseOver the weekend also came the end of an era. My trusty old Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer (pictured right) that I have had as a loyal servant for the past 5 years was seemingly giving up its life. I have had this mouse for a long time, and have very much gotten used to it and grown attached to it: I liked the perfect ergonomic shape and convenient back and forward buttons. The poor thing tried it's best though: it would stay working only for a few minutes at a time. So I faced the very difficult decision to let the old girl go and to find a new one. 🙁

I have previously sworn to Microsoft Mice, but my recent experience of buying a Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 for Des's computer has left me a bit jaded: I hate the shape (designed for both left and right-handed people), it doesn't function properly without the stupid MS Mouse software installed, and the smooth scrolling wheel is terrible for playing games. And that's not even taking into account it's utter fussiness at the surface it was used on: a desk that my old mouse had no troubles at all on, the new one just was plain dysfunctional without a mouse pad. Plus there is the fact that most of the better MS Mice are now all wireless models, something that I don't need nor want (or pay the extra money for).

My New MouseSo I made the decision to part with MS Mice and have a look at their main rival, Logitech. Today i got a Logitech MX 400 laser mouse (pictured right), which I would say is a younger, better looking version of my old one. It seems to be just perfect, and at the comparatively low price of $45 from Umart, I might even get another one for Des's computer and get rid of that POS MS Comfort 3000 thing.

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  1. when i last saw it it was rubbish, but it looks good now.
    i would assume that that's the one that they're developing. one link does work: click on the bottom right corner to see what i would assume to be the future site.

  2. Oh, right. Two things: first, you looked at that page after I did, and now they've put in a login page; second, with regards to the hover bits, I was talking about the frontpage (not the login page); third, it's not that bad on my computer: see image.

  3. Firstly, i fixed your link (links are case-sensitive on *nix servers).

    Secondly, I don't mind the design (although it is a little bland) when it is displayed right. But on my computer (and it is not an issue on which browser) and i suspect anyone with even a slightly higher resolution, the heading image will tile (very bad), and the menu text will bunch up.

    Although it is a good effort, it is largely a lazy design.


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