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The Last Game for a while.

This is another one of those times where i've had so much to blog but now that i've come to do it I can't remember anything!!

So i'll probably just get started by 'life-blogging' as Andrew puts it. I continued through the rest of the working week last week without too much drama. Work up until today seems to building up a healthy 'to do' list that i'll have to work through ahead of the wedding.

On Saturday we had our unit blessed by Fr Anastasi (as is tradition fro Orthodox homes just after Epiphany). May the Lord's will be done in our future home. After that we went furniture (in particular lounge suite) shopping. It ended up being a torturous experience.

I reckon we went to probably over 15 places all over the city over 6 hours inclusing the Valley, Windsor, Kessels Rd, and eventually the Big Top Homemaker Centre at Mt Gravatt. We couldn't really find anything that suited us in terms of colour, look and comfort. At 4:30pm, after driving past and seeing an ad for a particular store we went there and found what turned out to be an ideal lounge suite for a pretty good price. It was so tiring sitting down and getting up all day.

That night we went to Church and afterwards went over to some family's place to celebrate a few names days of various people.

On Sunday I played the last game of indoor football (soccer for some) that I will play in a while. That's because we have now passed the 6-week marker before the wedding, and hence I have been told to stop playing from now on as I won't have the standard 6-week healing time to count on in case I injure myself playing. After what happened last year, I don't blame the various parties enforcing this ruling.

We lost the game 5-3 me scoring once although I should have scored more. I think that fitness, the lack of a consistent team, as well as some pretty poor finishing are the main causes behind our recent shocking form.

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