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2005: Year in Review

It's that time of year again! Yes, this is my 'Year in Review' entry. This year proved to be an interesting and fulfilling one, yet stressful one. 2005 for me was a year of many 'lasts': last semester of uni, the last as a student, last of the Star Wars movies (please don't laugh!), and probably most important of all, it will have been the last full calendar year before I get married.

For those who aren't familiar with my 'Year in Review', it is the highlights of my year that I have taken from my own blog entries, with the appropriate links.

Anywho, let's get into it:


- Sick New Year!: New Year's always seem to end up bad for me, we'll see how this approaching one goes.
- Leonardo & City Cat Capers: My short rant about The Da Vinci Code and the ensuing comment spree.
- GOOOAAAALLL RAV-4!!: Driving a car through goalposts
- Sem 1 2005 Courses: Choosing my last ever uni courses
- Computer time: My first theory of the year: how long it takes to do things with computers.


- Rage Against Rolando's Machine: Absolutely annihilating a computer with a crowbar, hammer, and a Kids-size squash racquet. Contains a link to the Gallery for photos and videos.
- Dean's Commendation: For my academic results of the previous semester.
- Engaged!: A pretty big event of this year if I do say so myself.
- Resigned & Indoor: No more supermarket job!
- Back to Uni (for the last time): My last foray into a university semester.


- Repentance and Eucatastrophe: I thought this was quite a good entry.
- Engagement & Into the Final: Our half-'big' day, and football.
- We are the Champions! The indoor-football pinnacle, as well as some interesting comments.
- Assessment, Clone Wars, and Evil Lucas: Me looking absolutely evil.


- The Essay Slayed & Pontiff Passes: Newsworthy.
- Altar Boy and Futsal Returns: My first adventure into the altar in a long time.
- So much to blog!!: Popey, Hi Dr Death!, anti-iPod, & My Week: Long post including an Anti-iPod rant.
- Palm Sunday Fete & Holy Week Begins: Some good photos of the fete in the Gallery


- Christos Anesti!: for obvious reasons
- Changing to GMail: Goodbye Hotmail! an open letter.
- Sith Happened: Star Wars Premier: Huge event for an uber-geek like me!
- Not in the mood for blogging & Arsenal win FA Cup: Go the Gunners! (although they really suck at the moment...)
- Last Ever Assignment & Lucas 1 - Library 0: my last assignment


- Last Ever Uni Classes: More uni Lasts
- Futsal Fiascos: arguments and issues at Futsal, and getting x-rays
- Procrastination Personified: Site Redesign: Consistent site look
- Songs: Some of my views on contemporary popular music.
- The End of Uni & Broken Foot: Two of the biggest events of the year happen in two days, and summarised in one entry!


- Spaceboot: Continuing saga of the broken foot, now with sci-fi!
- Last Uni Results: Uni Officially Finished: The last results, and final GPAs
- Graduation!: I have credentials. Typed by Lucas Costi BIT, BA.
- Weekend and Big Ad: The 'big ad' would have to be one of the funniest things on TV all year.

- Hunting of the houses & Viruses strike again: In a slow month, this entry makes the list.


- The Search is Over!: buying a place to live
- Time doesn't heal all wounds: The continuing saga of the broken foot
- Goodbye spaceboot (For now...): No more spaceboot! yay!


- Tempting Fate: Indoor Football: In hindsight, probably not such a good idea
- The Foot Has Been Kissed: More foot and football relations
- Nup, no entry today...: I thoroughly enjoyed doing this entry. hehe
- Settled: We Own Property!: Yay! massive debt!
- Released: iTunes Music Store etc: well, i highlight for geeks like me.
- Runners Up: Although probably a lowlight instead of a highlight, this was significant nonetheless.


- Star Wars Ep III DVD (Edited!): Another uber-geek event! (also with an interesting story.
- Australia in the World Cup!:wooo!
- Firefox 1.5: A software highlight.


- News: GTA Cronulla, VSU, Konfabulator: This was the entry that was referenced (see next point), plus go VSU!
- Reference!: A rather pleasant surprise.

Well that's my year. My entries towards the end of the year decreased a bit in quality and quantity for obvious reasons (wedding etc.)

Oh and PS I although I did do this entry on New Year's Day, it will be listed as a December 31 entry for simplicity.

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