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2 down 1 to go

Today was my second last exam: HIST2609 which I had already passed. (see the entry from a few days ago)

The exam was at 5:45pm, but I there was a revision tute for COMP3501 on at 10, so I planned to go into uni for that and spend the rest of the day studying for the exam at uni before actually sitting it.

Went in for the tut-thing, and finally got my marks back for the COMP3501 assignment that i've been waiting for ages for. We got 19/30, which I am not too happy with. I felt that they were overly harsh on us in some sections, for example only giving us like 0.5/2 and making a comment about something that wasn't there, when it was clearly referred to and included in the Appendix. Not sure if I can be bothered appealing the mark. By my calculations i'm sitting on around 43% before the final exam on Saturday which is worth 40%. I'm pretty sure i'll be able to scrape 8/40 to pass the course, and that is all i care about, this being my last semester.

Anyway, the tute finished at around 12, and I thought 'Screw this, i'm not going to stay here for six hours and try and study for a course that I have already passed by a significant margin'. So I went home, had some lunch, and eventually returned to uni at around 4.

Attempted to study in the Library, and realised that this is the first exam EVER that I have not studied for at all before the day of the actual exam. Eventually went to the exam, and surprisingly I think I did pretty well considering that I did almost zero study for it, having already passed the course and also in the last week concentrating for a job interview that I went to yesterday (details forthcoming at a later date).

Left the exam around an hour and ten minutes into it.

I'm going to make sure that I do a substantial amount of study for Saturday's exam to make sure that I get across the finish line successfully.

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