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RDMSs & study not going well

databases databases everywhere so let's all have a ... query?

Lame i know.

In the past few weeks I have installed a fair few more RDMSs (Relational DataBase Management Systems) on my computer. I already had Oracle 9i that I had used for some previous uni assignments, but recently I have installed MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, and also today Oracle 10g.

Why so many RDMSs? I like to play and muck around with them and the more I have experience using the better. Mostly it is so I don't forget how to use them. In my almost-completed IT degree I have concentrated in information systems, and my ideal job would be a DBA (DataBase Administrator) but up here in Brisbane graduate DBA positions aren't very common.

After installing Oracle 10g today, I noticed that they seem to have implemented the Enterprise Manager as a web-based interface. At first I thought this was cool, but after using it for a while i seem to prefer the older application-based Enterprise Manager that 9i uses.

Yesterday I went into uni to pick up my HIST2609 long essay. I got 28/35 for it, which I am reasonably happy with. The essay is now in the Gallery for everyone to view and comment on.

In getting my essay I also got the rest of my marks for that subject, except of course my exam mark because I haven't done it yet. I got 8/10 for my tute presentation (pretty good for a night-before effort if I do say so myself), and 12.5/15 for tute attendance/participation.

If you add in my short essay and long essay marks (8/10 and 28/35 respectively) you'll notice that the total for the course is already at 56.5/100%, which means that I have already passed the course as there is no 'you must pass the exam to pass the course' rule. The exam is worth 30%.

This means my study for my exams is not going well. Having already passed this course, and by my calculations only being within 5% of passing my other history course (HIST2602: Empires), the only subject I feel pressured to study for is COMP3501 (HCI), and that exam is on in over two weeks. Hence you see why I have not done any full-on studying yet.

My toe is starting to heal. The swelling has started to go down, and i am able to bend it a little now. However i don't think it'll be better in time by Sunday to play indoor.

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