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Christos Anesti!

Christos Anesti! (Christ has risen!)

Christ is risen from the dead, through death trampling upon death, and upon those in the tombs bestowing life.

Well, Easter 2005 has come and gone. Saturday night at midnight was of course the wonderful resurrection service, and yesterday was Great and Holy Pascha (Easter).

The fast is now over, and we all celebrated by truly stuffing ourselves.

As has been normal of recent history, at any big celebration i get sick. Not sick from the food or anything, but rather a flu-like sick. It happened at New Year's this year, and yesterday it happened again. I have been fighting against the onset of it all week, having a mildly sore throat, but yesterday my body (probably from all the food) gave in, and my entire head is now sore and pumping out not-so-nice liquids. Ah well, drugs here i come.

5 thoughts on “Christos Anesti!”

  1. Oh yeah...

    I totally removed the subdomains over the weekend, and didn't think about the consequences. The rss feed has now been fixed with the proper link.

    Thanks for letting me know.

  2. I removed them because they were no longer used. (I disabled them back in Feb, but put in a redirect to the new URL for people who weren't aware. So now i thought it was long enough time to remove the redirects as well).

    But why did i remove them in the first place?: I dunno, i thought they were cool when i developed the site, but really, they are supposed to denote a quite separate part of the site in question. Although you could argue that the blog and gallery are in fact quite separate (eg in their look and purpose) they are supposed to be part of the '' site generally.

    Other 'separate' sort of sites, like my sister's business site, still exist as a subdomain, because it is really supposed to be a totally separate 'site' than

    Confused yet?


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