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Sick New Year!

Unfortunately, from New Years Eve until today I have been sick with a stupid cold-like something. Needless to say I could have had a better new years, but what can you do. For New Year's eve we went to my Aunty's place at Highgate Hill which was a pretty good vantage point to see the fireworks, which were pretty good.

For New Year's day itself, it was mostly spent lying down, resting, and drinking plenty of water.

That meant that I was unable to attend Church that evening last night, and consequently I probably contributed to the lack of people that would have attended.

Unexpectedly, the people from church came over after the liturgy to play pool etc, and I was caught quite unawares in my bum clothes lazing around at home.

I seem to be getting better, so I should be back to my usual self, by tomorrow, just in time to go back to work.

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