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Last two days went back to uni. I've got to say that it's kind of strange going back for the last time. Took in all the new buildings and the new sites, the uni does change quite a bit over 3 months with the almost constant construction that goes on year-round.

This semester should be a little easier than the really tough last two, as i'm only doing 3 subjects, but that extra time could be offset by working 2 full days a week.

I think i'm going to enjoy the two history subjects that I chose. Although they are quite similar, they are different enough to be interesting, whilst complimenting each other for easier assessment.

What is annoying me is that I currently don't have access to the ITEE computer labs, even though I am enrolled in one ITEE course. I can't get into the swipe-card labs, or even log into the computers. I'm going to have to email the admins to see if I can get access.

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