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Sem 1 2005 Courses

Been a very enjoyable and busy past few days. Tuesday work as normal. Wednesday was of course Australia Day and also a public holiday, so I didn't have work.

I thought that I could use the extra time provided by the mid-week break to finally choose my courses for my last semester of uni. Personally I love mid-week public holidays on a Wednesday. It juts breaks up the working week so well, into two mini-weeks that are so much easier to handle. But I think lobbying for a mid-week 'weekend' would be a bit much.

Anyways, back to the subjects. This semester more than any other semester I chose the courses mostly based on convenient timetable, not too much work, and interest (descending in importance). Why would I have 'interest' the last? Because in my very long uni career I have noticed that even the most exciting subject can be reduced to boring the crap out of me and vice-versa. It is all about presentation. I refer you to the International Terrorism course I did a few years ago. Sounds interesting? Yes; Couldn't possibly be presented in a way that bores you to tears; It did.

Anyway i digress again. I only have to complete 1 IT course and 2 history courses to get both my degrees. I ended up choosing:

COMP3501 - Human-Computer Interaction
HIST2609 - History of the Great Powers, 1815-1989
HIST2602 - Empires

The great thing is that my time table is only probably (assuming i get the tutorials that I want) Wed 9-4 and Thurs 10-3.

At work we finally made a breakthrough getting the webservers to work with my application and also it to connect to the database. It's good because now we can do some final testing and then properly deploy the application early next week.

3 thoughts on “Sem 1 2005 Courses”

  1. ahh, lecturers. many people underestimate how important they are in a course. i reckon that about 10-20% of your mark (depending on the person) comes from how much you like the lecturer - which is fine if you're an introvert and getting 95% anyway, but if you're an extrovert on 65% you're in a lot of trouble.
    not bad subjects, btw; all looking quite interesting for a guy that doesn't care about interest (although, i've got a feeling that my interpretation of what 'human computer interaction' is all about is not at all correct). timetable's a bit concentrated, but if you're looking for that, nice work.
    nice work at work *thumbs up*.

  2. Yeah they do look kinda interesting now that i think about it. I mainly chose the two history ones because there would probably be a fair bit of overlap. (the empires course covers 1492 - 1914, so I could do less work for both of them).

    HCI will probably be about what makes a good interface, principles of interface design, many legal requirements for accessibility of disabled people etc.


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