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Family +1

Zoe is bornTwo weeks ago, Des and I welcomed into the world our second child, Zoe.

She gave us an awful scare when she came out: not breathing, and it made the midwife trigger a code blue in the birthing suites. But after she had the attention of everyone in the ward, and had her chest pumped a few times, she came around and turned a normal colour.

The name Zoe means 'life' in Greek, and it's not a coincidence that our children's names essentially mean 'life' and 'resurrection'. However, it is a cool coincidence that our children are A to Z :).

An another note, we sure did pick a good time to have a baby! The live World Cup matches definitely make the mid-night feeds and soothing much more tolerable! 😀

Thank you everyone for your congratulations, well-wishes, and prayers!

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